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Bedford Area Ambulance Service offers Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (EVDT). It is a 2 day training that involves classroom and hands-on training.


EVDT provides emergency vehicle operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate an emergency vehicle in emergency and non-emergency scenarios. The Pennsylvania Department of Health requires that all EMS operators take a DOH-approved course prior to operating an emergency vehicle. Topics covered in EVDT include: legal aspects of emergency vehicle operations, navigation and route mapping, driver roles and responsibilities, basic driving skills, and proper driving procedures. 


Get registered now for our upcoming EVDT course. 

For additional information, please contact:


Dailey Chandler

(814) 623-6534


Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

May 27, 2022 @ 6pm and May 28, 2022 @8am

Cost: $75/person

Location: Bedford Area Ambulance Building

                130 West Vondersmith Ave.

                Bedord, PA 15522


Training Registration Application



For all certification classes, please allow 7 business days for course processing and creation of certification cards. Please note that NO certification cards will be issued until payment has been received.


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